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New Car Sales Drop in the UK

It seems like the British public’s appetite for new cars has declined, as sales figures for new car registrations suggest a drop of over 15%. Diesel cars in particularly have experienced a significant drop, which is likely to be down to the change in the taxation of vehicles. The March 2018 figures for new car …

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What will we be Driving in 2040?

With the announcement that all petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned, we’re left wondering what inventions we’ll be driving in 2040. Consumers and manufacturers have often dreamt about the car of the future, but it seems like now they will be forced to innovate and provide futuristic vehicles sooner rather than later. So many questions …

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Tips for Maintaining an Older Car

While some people prefer brand new wheels every few years, others have a different mentality – why fix something when it’s not broken? Sometimes you might feel sentimental towards a certain vehicle and want to keep it running as long as possible. Perhaps you have a classic car or vintage beauty that you still like …

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Most Common Car Faults to Avoid

According to The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, the reason why so many cars fail the MOT test is because drivers aren’t carrying out simple maintenance checks. Up to half of faults could be avoided, as 38% of cars fail the test first time. The most common faults include lights and signalling, tyres and wiper …

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Do I Need to Replace my Tyres?

Looking after your tyres is incredibly important; not only will it increase the safety of the car but it can also save you money and avoid unexpected payouts in the future. In general, tyres can last a good few years depending on how many miles they have done, excess loads and driving style. In some …

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Petrol VS Diesel Vehicles

It’s a question that car experts get asked all the time – what’s the better choice, petrol or diesel engines? The truth is, it depends on a lot of factors so the answer is different for everybody. You’ll have to consider the running costs of each type of car and work out which is the …

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