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Do you Drive with a Pet?

Most people who own a pet have took it on car journeys with them, and it’s a favourite sight of many to see cute dogs hanging out of car windows! However, the majority of pet owners are unaware of the rules of driving with a pet, and could face a hefty fine or even have …

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Wet Weather Driving Tips

Autumn and winter can bring difficult driving conditions, in particular wet weather. Storms can bring heavy rain and winds, and as the temperatures plummet drivers also have slush, snow and ice to contend with. Driving in heavy rain can be hazardous, and at this time of year it’s often dark too. Stay safe on the …

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City Driving in the Summer Sun

Summer in the city can be an exciting time; the beer gardens are full, public gardens are overflowing and of course it’s the most enjoyable time of year to drive around with the windows down and music pumping. However, summer also brings tourists to the city who may not know about the one way systems, …

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Most Common Engine Failures

If your car ever breaks down or won’t start at all, it’s almost certainly some sort of engine failure. Regardless of the make of vehicle or how many miles it has done, common engine failures can occur at some point. Keeping your engine well looked after with regular professional checks can help, but it’s no …

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Tougher Punishment for Drivers Using Mobile Phones

The Department of Transport has recently announced new tougher laws to deter drivers from using handheld phones behind the wheel. Set to be introduced in early 2017, the harsher punishment includes a whopping six points on licenses and a fine of £200.

Do I Need Winter Tyres Fitted?

In many European countries winter tyres are a legal requirement, to keep people safe on the roads in bad weather conditions. While they are not compulsory here in the UK, sales of winter tyres have been growing in the past few years. What makes them different and do we really need them – especially in …

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