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New Car Sales Drop in the UK

It seems like the British public’s appetite for new cars has declined, as sales figures for new car registrations suggest a drop of over 15%. Diesel cars in particularly have experienced a significant drop, which is likely to be down to the change in the taxation of vehicles.

The March 2018 figures for new car registrations indicate a sharp drop of 15.7% compared to the same month last year. This marks the 12th consecutive month of declining new car sales – so why are people turning their backs on new, efficient vehicles?

Most popular new models

At the moment, Brits are loving the Ford Fiesta which is the most popular new car – the Ford Focus also boasts fifth place. The Volkswagen Golf is the second most popular new car according to last month’s sales figures, and the Nissan Qashqai is a close third.

Yet the hi-tech features of new cars aren’t as appealing to buyers as they once were. Drivers aren’t investing in new vehicles in the same numbers, but why? Here’s a few reasons why we think motorists are keeping their cars for longer, rather than investing in brand new vehicles.

Economic climate

Of course with certain, potentially life changing political events, taking place at this time, people are thinking more carefully about how and where to spend their hard-earned money. Brexit holds a lot of risks, and with the cost of living increasing, a lot of people who would have considered buying a new car every few years are thinking twice. Unfortunately this is bad news for car manufacturers, who will probably face a tough time importing and exporting after Brexit.

Better reliability and fuel efficiency

New cars are usually sold on the basis that they are more reliable and fuel efficient – however because cars have been manufactured better for the last few years, drivers are still happy with their older models. With professional maintenance and servicing, cars are ‘as good as new’ for a long time now – so there’s no need to upgrade to a brand new shiny model every few years.

Here at Windmill Garage we know how affordable it is to repair and maintain vehicles which are just five or ten years old, and why it makes sense to hold onto them. What’s your opinion on new cars?