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Benefits of Choosing an Independent Car Garage over a Dealership

A recent survey revealed that over 70% of UK motorists prefer to visit an independent car garage over a dealership for their car’s maintenance needs. Participants listed the benefits of each option, and the survey found that motorists preferred independent businesses because of factors involving cost, service, and staff. Here at Windmill Garage, we’re passionate …

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When To Repair Your Fog Light

Fog lights are an important feature on any car and must be checked and maintained regularly to ensure your safety when driving in certain conditions. Fog lights are generally situated low down on the front of the car and have a very different beam shape than that of the car headlights. They are angled with …

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Checklist for your Shock Absorbers

Your shock absorbers are probably not a major priority on your car parts list – but they should be. They often don’t get the credit they are deserved and aren’t checked as regularly as the brakes, tyres and engine parts. However, without working shock absorbers on your vehicle you could be in for more of …

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Common Summer Car Problems

It’s a season of warm temperatures, long holiday drives and summer storms, so it’s no wonder that our cars can cause us problems at this time of year as they take a battering from the intense weather conditions. Many people presume that winter is the worst season for breakdowns, but summer can also be problematic …

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Pre-Summer Air Con Checklist

Finally the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up… summer is just around the corner! While the British summer is famously unpredictable, it’s likely we’ll get some hot days during the season – which Brits typically aren’t prepared for. One of the things we forget to prepare during summer is our vehicles, …

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