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A Car Workshop Jargon-Buster

A A-pillar The roof support on the left and right side of the car’s windshield. Active Suspension A cutting-edge suspension system that’s computer-controlled and uses powered actuators to position a car’s wheels correctly to evenly distribute load and handle poor road conditions or disturbances. This system replaces the conventional shock absorbers and spring system. Aerodynamic …

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Benefits of Choosing an Independent Car Garage over a Dealership

A recent survey revealed that over 70% of UK motorists prefer to visit an independent car garage over a dealership for their car’s maintenance needs. Participants listed the benefits of each option, and the survey found that motorists preferred independent businesses because of factors involving cost, service, and staff. Here at Windmill Garage, we’re passionate …

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Checklist for your Shock Absorbers

Your shock absorbers are probably not a major priority on your car parts list – but they should be. They often don’t get the credit they are deserved and aren’t checked as regularly as the brakes, tyres and engine parts. However, without working shock absorbers on your vehicle you could be in for more of …

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How to Avoid Overpaying at your Local Garage

Unfortunately, it’s common knowledge that some mechanics are known for ‘ripping off’ customers by overcharging, performing poor quality work or recommending repairs which aren’t necessary. Unless you’re a car expert, it can be difficult to know whether the bill from the garage is legitimate or if you’d be better of going elsewhere. Here’s how to avoid overpaying …

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4 Common Driving Mistakes Which can Cause Damage

Did you know that your driving habits could actually be causing damage to your vehicle? Much of the wear and tear and repairs can be avoided through better driving. While many car problems can be attributed to the age of the vehicle, you could improve the lifespan of your car by avoiding these driving mistakes.

Why do I Need to Service my Air Conditioning?

Now that days are longer and it’s getting warmer, you’ll probably start using your air conditioning more each week. If you’ve ever had a long drive on a motorway on a hot summer’s day you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be – which is why you should get your air-con checked out before summer begins.

Reasons To Get Your Car Serviced

With MOTs, tax, insurance and servicing, the cost of staying on the road can loom large for many motorists. If you’re contemplating cutting a few corners to keep the price of vehicle ownership down, make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of neglecting getting your car serviced. When you buy a new car, a servicing …

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