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Car Problems Which Need Fixing in Spring

With each new season, there are new car maintenance issues to address. The most problems obviously occur in the winter, but with long periods of cold weather taking its toll on your vehicle, you need to really look after it in spring. It’s a good time of year to arrange an MOT test or an annual service to check that winter hasn’t caused too much irreversible damage.

Temperatures are rising and we’re enjoying more hours of daylight – but how healthy is your car now that spring is here? Let’s take a look at some of the most common car problems which occur at this time of year.

Check all fluids

During difficult weather conditions, your car works overtime – especially your screen wash and other engine fluids. Cold weather can cause fluids to thicken which can cause problems for the general running of the vehicle. When spring arrives, check all fluid levels and top up what has been used over winter.

Suspension and wheel alignment

It’s a good idea to get a professional to check out your wheel alignment and suspension after the harsh driving conditions of winter. Potholes, which can be caused by snow and bad weather, can wreak havoc on your tyres. Driving over a few of these could damage your suspension or send wheel alignment into disarray, so ask a mechanic to double check everything is as it should be.

Windscreen wipers

The British spring can be notoriously wet (just like every other season!) so it’s a good idea to check your wipers before those road trips. If they’re squeaking or not cleaning the windscreen properly, get them replaced.


People often think that the plunging winter temperatures affect batteries the most – but warm weather can also cause battery problems. Excessive heat can cause the fluid inside batteries to evaporate, which can accelerate the corrosion and reduce the lifespan of the battery. While we don’t really live in a warm weather climate here in the UK, leaving your car in the sun all day during spring and summer could cause issues down the line.

Polish and wax

It’s not just the engine which needs a bit of TLC after winter – the exterior of your car needs some attention too. After all, it’s took some beating from storms and wintry conditions. Give your car body a thorough wash, polish and wax to protect the paintwork.

If you have maintenance issues, whatever the time of year come and speak to us at your local garage.