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Do I Need to Replace my Tyres?

MechanicLooking after your tyres is incredibly important; not only will it increase the safety of the car but it can also save you money and avoid unexpected payouts in the future. In general, tyres can last a good few years depending on how many miles they have done, excess loads and driving style.

In some cases, tyres can be repaired but it is usually advisable to completely replace the tyre. You should check tyres often, especially before a long journey. Here are some key warning signs that you may need to replace your tyres soon…

Tyre Wear

Over time, tyres wear down and this is noticeable from the tread. As the tread wears down, performance is affected and in particular wet grip is worse. There is a legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm – but you want to aim to replace tyres well before this. Check tread depth often after it gets down to 3mm, so once it hits 2mm can you fit a new tyre as soon as possible.


Are your tyres showing signs of ageing? This could include cracking on the sidewalls and loss of grip. Many factors cause tyres to age such as temperature, pressure, speed and loads. It is very unlikely that tyres will become in need of changing from ageing before being worn out, but it does happen – tyres age even when not in use.

Abnormal wear

Sometimes you may notice your tyres have abnormal wear, such as uneven wear in patches or in the centre of the tyre. This indicates a problem with the inflation of the tyre or the wheel alignment. Head to a garage to get this checked out, and a mechanic can advise you on the next steps. Under-inflating and over-inflating a tyre can cause these problems, but it may be a mechanical problem too.


If your tyres have experienced any kind of damage, from a sharp object or a pothole in the road, it may need replacing. Even if the damage looks minor from the outside, you must get the tyre checked out by a specialist because they need to look for internal damage. It will then be decided if the cut or perforation can be repaired or the vehicle will need a new tyre.

If you’re ever in doubt about your tyres, it’s always best to have them looked at by a professional. You should also have them inspected at least once a year if the tyres have been in service for over five years. Windmill Garage’s tyre service is fast and professional and offers some of the best prices in the area. Also, always ensure you have appropriate tyres for the weather.