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Most Common Car Faults to Avoid

According to The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, the reason why so many cars fail the MOT test is because drivers aren’t carrying out simple maintenance checks. Up to half of faults could be avoided, as 38% of cars fail the test first time. The most common faults include lights and signalling, tyres and wiper blades – all which can be checked and rectified by drivers before waiting for an MOT test.

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Simple maintenance checks keep drivers safe, as well as helping them to save money on a failed MOT. Regular checks can also save drivers money by spotting issues before they become bigger problems. Take a look at some of these common car faults which can easily be avoided.

Running out of fuel

This one seems obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many vehicles need rescuing from the motorway because they are out of fuel. Always expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst – you don’t know how long you’ll be stuck in traffic or what diversions you may have to take. It’s not just those long journeys you need to fill up for – many people think they have enough petrol for short journeys, and then get stranded. Over 150,000 drivers each year also put the wrong fuel into their engine.


Worn tyres are a problem for many cars – one in ten vehicles fail the MOT test on wear and tear or damage to the tyres.  Tyres need to be above the legal minimum tread to be roadworthy, so make sure you’re checking them regularly to stay safe.


Most of us have been victim of a flat battery and know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes, battery faults can be avoided by not making too many short journeys and having your car serviced to check for corrosion and ensure the electrical connections are working as they should. If you have no need to long journeys, you can remove the battery and charge it overnight every fortnight or so.

Light bulbs

It is essential that all of your lights on the vehicle are in working order. This is easily checked with the help of somebody, and should be checked before setting off on long journeys. If there are any bulbs which are out, they are easily enough to replace yourself without having to book in at your local garage.

Don’t be caught out by these common faults, and you’ll stay safer on the road for longer.