While some people prefer brand new wheels every few years, others have a different mentality – why fix something when it’s not broken? Sometimes you might feel sentimental towards a certain vehicle and want to keep it running as long as possible. Perhaps you have a classic car or vintage beauty that you still like to take for a spin! Older cars can be great assets as long as they are maintained well. Find out how to keep maintaining an older car.

Of course, you will experience wear and tear with older vehicles and cars that have done well over 100,000 miles. Expect to spend quite a bit on repairs and maintenance, and don’t presume it will pass every MOT! However, there are some ways you can keep maintaining an older car for decades and make it worth your while. Follow some of Windmill Garage’s top tips for maintaining older cars.

  1. Treat it well on the roadimage of a broken down car

If you love your car and want her to last, then you need to think about how you drive. Harsh breaking, over accelerating and other bad driving habits will only increase the amount of wear and tear on the vehicle. The best way to maintain a car is to be gentle with it in the driving seat.

  1. Keep an emergency fund

When running an older car, you’ll often find that things go wrong, and it’s usually at a time when you really can’t afford repairs. If you know something is wrong with the vehicle and you ignore the warning signs, you’ll be looking at a huge bill from the mechanic. The bigger the cost of the repair, the more likely you’ll be tempted into the new car dealership! Keep some money aside each month for any unexpected repairs or replacements.

  1. Follow the owner’s manualimage of an older car interior

It sounds obvious, but following the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual is absolutely crucial. Some parts may need replacing after you hit a certain mileage, and you should always follow the guidelines for getting your car serviced. Nobody is going to force you to look after the car as the manufacturer recommends, it’s your responsibility.

  1. Keep it clean

Looking after your car is about more than just the engine. Keeping it clean and tidy on the outside can prevent rust and generally keep the car in better all-round health. Salt and grime can cause problems, so make sure you wash your car regularly and even give it a wax every now and then to protect the paintwork.

If you need more advice for maintaining an older car or need a repair, speak to your local garage.

Tips for Maintaining an Older Car
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