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3 Reasons to Trust your Local Garage

When you need an MOT or some urgent repairs doing to your vehicle, you’re faced with a choice – your friendly local garage or a large chain garage. Many people choose to head to a well-recognised big brand, thinking they may offer a better service or more qualified mechanics. But this isn’t always the case, and visiting a chain repair centre or garage could end up costing you a lot more.

Local garages such as Windmill Garage are small businesses which offer a tailored service and flexible pricing. Read on for some of the main reasons why you should trust your local garage with your most prized possession.

A local garage worker, trust your local garage

  1. They won’t rip you off

There is often a misconception that mechanics try and ‘rip off’ their customers. After all, unless a driver is an expert, they don’t usually know what is wrong with their car and how much it should cost to repair. This means that some rogue mechanics could take advantage of customers – and it can happen. However, there is now lots of competition between garages, so it pays to offer the best price. A local garage needs repeat custom, so they won’t overcharge customers – some may even be willing to negotiate so they’re not beaten on price.

  1. Personalised service

If you visit a chain garage, you are one of many customers with a car to fix or a tyre to change. The staff can change quickly, and there are lots of staff members, so you may not always deal with the same person each time you visit the garage. When choosing a smaller garage, you’ll be able to build relationships with the managers and the mechanics as it’s a much smaller team. They will probably remember you when you return – all part of a better service.

  1. Loyalty Perks

As a valued customer of a local garage, you will probably find that the mechanics are willing to do small jobs for free. Think of this as a loyalty reward for always choosing that garage for MOTs, services and repairs. Because you can build up a rapport with a local garage, you can end up saving quite a bit of cash over the course of a few years on simple checks and refills.

Large garages and repair centres may get the job done – but we believe small garages offer the best service for the best price. It’s better to trust your local garage.