The underside of your car is the most vulnerable part of your vehicle as it’s the area with least protection. Abrasive particles such as stones and gravel can cause much more damage than you might think. Driving in winter greatly increases the risk of corrosion due to roads being gritted. There’s not a great deal you can do to improve the weather but you can take precautions to protect this vulnerable part of your vehicle. Regular car maintenance can save you time and money in the long run. Investing a little time and effort can pay dividends.

How to protect the underside of your car

Here are some driving tips to protect your car from damage:

  • Clean your car frequently. The bodywork of your car comes into contact with all sorts of materials, some more corrosive than others. A build up of contaminates can cause lasting damage. Rust is very destructive and can lead to extensive damage, rendering your car unsafe, likely to fail its MOT and costly to repair.
  • Take steps to treat and prevent rust. Even though newer cars are made from more resistant material, they can still succumb to rust. Always make a point of checking underside of your car regularly. Take note of any bubbling or red areas and keep an eye on them or take the car to a local garage to get them checked out. You could also consider using a lubricant to cover the underside which will offer some protection.
  • Keep your car in a garage. Certainly over the winter months, alongside regular cleaning, it’s worth keeping your car in garage when not in use to reduce the potential for corrosion take hold.

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Why Protect The Underside Of Your Car