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Benefits of Choosing an Independent Car Garage over a Dealership

A recent survey revealed that over 70% of UK motorists prefer to visit an independent car garage over a dealership for their car’s maintenance needs. Participants listed the benefits of each option, and the survey found that motorists preferred independent businesses because of factors involving cost, service, and staff.

Here at Windmill Garage, we’re passionate about promoting the benefits of independent car garages. Let’s look at the reasons why you should opt for an independent service in times of car trouble:

The price

Independent car garages are renowned for having lower prices and better deals on car maintenance repairs than main dealer garages. This is helped by the fact that independent mechanics are open to offers; you may be able to haggle on prices to obtain a cheaper deal.

Supporting local businesses

A lot of survey respondents gave this response as their reason for choosing an independent car garage. Motorists often prefer to give smaller, independently-run companies their business, rather than big corporations where small repairs make little difference to their profits.

A personal service

If you choose an independent car garage for your maintenance needs, you will find that your service is more bespoke and tailored to you. Main car dealerships are very busy and see a lot of customers, they are unlikely to give you this level of personalised attention.

Friendlier staff

At Windmill Garage, we are passionate about assisting our local community and maintaining our family values. Whether you’re a regular customer or bringing your car in for a one-off repair, we will be sure to make you feel at home.

You won’t be charged for things you don’t need 

One of the issues motorists incur when they visit main dealerships is that they are often convinced that certain parts or repairs are necessary when they aren’t. Mechanics at main dealerships are specially trained to upsell, whereas independent garages simply advise you on what you need.

Face-to-face contact with the mechanic 

Although a main car dealership may seem more outwardly professional, if you take your car to an independent garage you are able to talk face-to-face with the mechanic servicing your vehicle. A lot of customers choose local garages precisely because they know the mechanics personally, and feel like their service can be trusted.

Local and convenient

Main car dealerships are rarely on your doorstep – you may have to travel to the next town or city centre. Independent car garages are often located in villages and small towns, perfect for when you need a repair quickly and without having to travel far.

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