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When To Repair Your Fog Light

Fog lights are an important feature on any car and must be checked and maintained regularly to ensure your safety when driving in certain conditions. Fog lights are generally situated low down on the front of the car and have a very different beam shape than that of the car headlights. They are angled with a steeper beam, which is wider and flatter and are cut off at the top so that that light reflection whilst driving in fog, is reduced. A fog light should only be used in fog when visibility drops below 100metres.

Car Maintenance

Fog lights must be kept in tip top condition. They must be cleaned and checked regularly and fog light repair for any damage must be carried out as soon as possible to maintain safety. Car maintenance is important and should be carried out on a regular basis, not only to ensure your safety whilst driving but also to ensure it is in a good enough condition when it is time for its annual MOT inspection.

Car maintenance need not be time consuming or costly if carried out on a regular basis. There are many things you can do to keep your car in good working order that take minutes and cost nothing.

Here are some useful driving tips when driving in foggy conditions

  • Before setting off make sure you know where your fog lights are located on your car and make sure they are working. Check that they are clean.
  • Always check your mirrors and slow down when encountering fog and allow a greater distance between you and the car in front.
  • Fog lights should only be used when visibility is below 100 metres, roughly the length of a football pitch, if you can’t see as far as that, use your fog lights.
  • Do not use your full beam, this will reflect too much light and reduce your visibility even more.
  • Wind down your windows when approaching a junction, this will allow you to hear any traffic, even if you may not be able to see it.

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