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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Service Light

Most drivers have experienced the dreaded feeling when you’re driving to work, and a mysterious light on the dashboard appears. Having no idea whether it’s a serious issue or a trivial problem which can wait, many continue to ignore this warning service light which can be sorted with a simple service.

The service light is more likely to be ignored if the vehicle has recently had an MOT. If it passed its MOT, then what could possibly be wrong with it? However, MOTs and services perform completely different functions so you shouldn’t assume all is well. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your service light:

SpeedometerA service improves safety

A car service is not just some made up check for mechanics to earn some extra cash. The checks conducted during a regular service can greatly improve the running and the safety of a vehicle. It mediates the wear and tear of a vehicle, replacing old parts which, if ignored, could become worse in the future and result in a big expense to repair. Trusting a mechanic to check over your vehicle could keep you and your passengers safe – for example, they will check tyres for cuts and damaged side walls which could be dangerous.

It saves you money

While you may think you’re saving a hundred quid by ignoring that service light, you’re probably not saving any money in the long run. If your car needs a service and it isn’t checked over, it’s likely that small problems will become big problems. An oil change is a simple job but putting it off can actually break the engine – can you afford a new engine? For the cost of a service you can have peace of mind that the vehicle should be in good condition for the foreseeable future. Additionally, if you ever plan to sell your car it will be worth more with a good service history.

You can’t DIY

To have a completely healthy vehicle, it needs to be MOT’d and serviced once a year. Even if you are confident with cars and engines, you wouldn’t be able to perform a professional service without all the right equipment and knowledge. Rather than risk doing more damage yourself, trust the experts at Windmill Garage to replace oils and parts and check everything is as it should be.

It could impact an insurance claim

Even if you don’t think your car needs a service, beware that insurers think it does. Insurance companies will often ask for the service history of a vehicle if you are involved in an accident and make a claim. You could end up out of pocket from ignoring that service light…

If you need to book in for a service, contact us today – don’t put it off any longer.