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Reasons To Get Your Car Serviced

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With MOTs, tax, insurance and servicing, the cost of staying on the road can loom large for many motorists. If you’re contemplating cutting a few corners to keep the price of vehicle ownership down, make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of neglecting getting your car serviced.

When you buy a new car, a servicing schedule is set by the manufacturer. Some dealerships will cover the cost of the service as part of the initial purchase to sweeten the deal and others will stipulate a service be carried out at set mileages to maintain the manufacturer warranty. If your car is a little older, it’s easy to fall out of the habit and stop booking a service once a year. While it may seem like a money saver, regular servicing is vitally important to keeping your car road worthy and in good working order – helping to prevent costly breakdowns and mechanical problems further down the road.

Why You Should Get Your Car Serviced

Here are our top reasons for getting your car serviced:

  1. Fuel Efficiency – Cars and engines that have been regularly serviced tend to be well maintained, well tuned and running as they should, all of which leads to better fuel efficiency. This means more pennies in your pocket.
  1. Avoiding Breakdowns – Common problems such as oil leaks or low levels of fluid will usually be picked up as part of a standard service. This mean you’re less likely to break down when out and about.
  1. Improved Tyre Lifecycle – Tyres need to be checked regularly to make sure they’re at the right pressure and have the appropriate tread. This will be covered in the service.
  1. Preventing Engine Damage – A full service will include essential engine maintenance such as an oil change and engine check. This helps to identify problems before they become bigger (and more expensive) problems.
  1. Steering, Suspension, Brakes – Essential safety features and one that you may not be qualified to check yourself. Regular servicing will ensure your vehicle is road worthy and up to the job of protecting you and your family.
  1. Re-Sale Value – Having a full service history not only makes your car safer and more reliable, it makes it more desirable and can add pounds to the price when it comes to selling.

Cars are not faultless. They can and do acquire faults that impact on the safety and condition of your car. Regular servicing is the only real way to consistently enjoy peace of mind and protect your initial investment.