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How to Spring Clean Your Car

You spring clean your house, so why not spring clean your car? This time of year is perfect not only for making sure your car is spotless, but for checking everything is in order after the harsh weather of winter. With summer upon us and the opportunity to hit the open road, make sure your vehicle is in prime condition. Here’s some top tips from the experts at Windmill for spring cleaning your car.


The exterior of your car takes the brunt of the bad weather in the winter, so it’s important to show it some love and attention in spring. Carry out the following tasks:

Wash the tyres – give your tyres a good jetwash to get rid of mud and debris caught in the hub and in the tracks. While you’re there, now is also a good time to check the pressure and the tread and see if any tyres need replacing after winter.

Wash and wax – your car body deserves a good wash after heavy rain, snow, ice and slush. Make sure all the grime is off and if desired, finish with a wax.

Check the wipers – the windscreen wipers are delicate and can often require replacement after icy conditions. Make sure they are functioning properly.

Under the hood – lift the bonnet and you’ll be shocked at what’s hiding under there! Remove leaves and other debris and wipe down the edges.

A person cleaning a car with a sponge


Clean upholstery – Use a vacuum to make sure all floors, mats and seats are lovely and clean.

Clear the boot – we’re all guilty of allowing the boot to become a dumping ground. Have a good clearout and make sure it is spick and span.

The doors and compartments – give all inner surfaces a wipe with a wet cloth, including door handles, drinks holders and the dashboard.

Steering wheel – naturally, the steering wheel can become dirty and sticky if not cleaned regularly. Use a baby wipe or a wet cloth just to clean all around the wheel, being careful not to touch electrical components.

Check air con – now is a good time to get the air conditioning serviced before summer arrives. Even a slightly sunny day can make a car journey hellish without air con. Getting a service will top up the gas and give it the go ahead for the rest of the season.

A person cleaning the interior of a car

Time to Spring Clean Your Car!