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City Driving in the Summer Sun

Summer in the city can be an exciting time; the beer gardens are full, public gardens are overflowing and of course it’s the most enjoyable time of year to drive around with the windows down and music pumping. However, summer also brings tourists to the city who may not know about the one way systems, and scheduled roadworks which can cause delays to your city driving.

It’s a good idea when planning ahead for city driving, especially if you’re not sure of the route and plan to travel at peak times. The summer sun can be distracting for motorists, so be aware of who is driving around you or you may face costly repairs if you end up in an accident.

Here are some top tips for city driving in the summer – the best season for cruising with your friends and taking sunny day trips.

Pay attention to road signs

City centres can be difficult to navigate, so remember to be aware and keep an eye out for road signs. Pay particular attention to any signs for lanes which you shouldn’t be driving in, such as bus lanes or cycle lanes. There are also lots of one way streets and one way systems usually, so always follow the rules or you could face a fine.

Make sure you can see clearly

Glare from the sun can be more than an inconvenience, it can cause accidents if it restricts your vision. Keep your windscreen clean and ensure the screen wash is always topped up to clean the glass when necessary. Keep an eye on the wiper blades, too – if they are not cleaning the windscreen effectively then they need replacing. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car for driving, so you’re never behind the wheel without them.

Keep water handy

Cars can get overheated very quickly in sunny weather, and you never know how long you will be stuck in city traffic, so keep a couple of bottles of water in the car at all times. Stay hydrated and pull over to take a break and cool off when you can.

Keep calm

Frustrated motorists trapped in hot cars in a traffic jam are more likely to suffer from road rage. If you feel yourself getting angry or stressed, or become a victim of road rage from another driver, put on some calming music and take deep breaths. Remember that if the traffic is at a standstill, it is out of your control – keep calm and carry on!