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Give Your Car a Christmas Feel

It’s that time of year again when festive wreaths appear on doors and trees twinkle in windows. Everywhere you go, shop windows and restaurants are bursting at the seams with baubles, fairy lights and tinsel. The Christmas spirit is present in your home, at work, on the city streets and everywhere in between – so why shouldn’t you also choose some accessories to decorate your car?!

It’s the season to be jolly, so we definitely think it’s time to pimp up your car – Christmas style. If you’re a taxi driver or courier then the car is your office, so you really should get into the festive spirit while you’re on the road! From reindeer antlers to little festive air fresheners, it’s actually easier than you think to spread the Christmas cheer in your car. Here are a few ideas!

picture of a car with christmas decorationTurn your car into a reindeer

With all that Christmas shopping you’ve been doing, your car might as well be Santa’s sleigh! Make it official with a set of reindeer antlers and a bright red nose, to transform your vehicle into Rudolph. Order it today from Amazon.

Aerial topper

All vehicles have an aerial, so a really easy way to decorate the car is a Christmas aerial topper. Choose from a Father Christmas, a Christmas pudding, an angel or a snowman to give your car the fun festive factor.

Grill décor

If you’ve got a large grill on the front of your car then there’s a choice of how to decorate it. Traditionally, attach a traditional Christmas car wreath to show the neighbourhood you’re in the holiday spirit. Alternatively, you can use a big red bow or some jingle bells to add a festive touch.

Festive air freshenerpicture of a set of car air freshners 

This is a simple thing you can upgrade for the holidays. Give your standard air freshener a festive twist by choosing a Christmas scent, such as cinnamon, pine or spiced apple. You can go one step further by investing in a special Christmas air freshener shape!

Lights or no lights?

Stringed lights are EVERYWHERE at this time of year, so you might be tempted to put them on the inside or outside of your car. Unfortunately (but for legitimate safety reasons) this is illegal, so do make sure you think of other ways to decorate the car. Lights can distract other drivers, so don’t add any extra lighting to your vehicle.

Give your car a Christmas feel. Merry Christmas from everyone here at Windmill Garage!