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Only Half of Motorists Happy to Carry out Car Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is essential for keeping it healthy and in working order for as long as possible. Most small maintenance jobs can be carried out by car owners themselves, while some may require a visit to the garage. However, it seems that British drivers are reluctant to carry out any maintenance whatsoever at home!

Motorists are terrified of car DIY – so much so that they are happier to pay unnecessary bills at the local garage than attempt repairs and maintenance themselves. A survey by ClickMechanic has revealed the shocking number of drivers who are confident carrying out checks and changes. In every case, the number was less than half, with over a third of those surveyed admitting they would attempt nothing themselves.

Almost half of UK motorists said they were confident changing a wheel, but only 19% of women were happy to attempt it. Brake pads were the most avoided, with only 16% of people willing to change them.

Perhaps most surprisingly is the fact that more people are happy to change a fuse than a lightbulb! 43% of motorists are confident with a fuse whereas only 42% will change a headlamp bulb. That means over half of British drivers are paying mechanics for this quick and simple job, with some dealers charging over £50 for the effort.

This fear of maintenance is costing drivers hundreds of pounds a year, and it’s more often younger drivers who are put off trying anything at home. While certain jobs should be left to a professional, changing a headlamp bulb or topping up oil can safely be carried out as part of DIY maintenance.

Repairs and services

The good news for fearful motorists is that vehicles which are regularly serviced rarely need maintenance jobs done in between. For example, all lights are checked, oil filters are changed and oil topped up, and tyres and brakes are regularly checked. Therefore, if you keep up with servicing requirements the chances of having to carry out any maintenance yourself are low.

However, things can go wrong with vehicles at any time. It’s always best to have a professional on hand, who you can trust, in case serious maintenance or repairs are needed.

Whether there’s a problem with the engine or the battery, speak to your local garage to get the problem fixed by an expert.