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Are you Invalidating your Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a legal requirement for a reason, and if you’ve ever been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver then you’ll know how distressing it can be. However, many people make simple mistakes which could be unwillingly invalidating their insurance policy. From innocent slip-ups to deliberate lies told to insurance companies, many drivers could be putting their insurance at risk.

Here are some simple ways you could be invalidating your car insurance….

Not maintaining the car

The car needs to be kept in a roadworthy condition to be fully covered. If you put off car maintenance when required, or forget to have your MOT carried out in time, then it’s likely your insurer won’t pay out. So always leave a reminder of when your next service and MOT is due to reduce the chances of driving uninsured.

Leaving the car unlocked

If you often nip to the shops and forget to lock the car in the car park, or choose to leave the car unlocked when it’s on the drive, you could be invalidating your car insurance. If the vehicle gets stolen due to negligence then your insurance cover is unlikely to process a claim.

Wrong personal details

Whether done deliberately or an innocent mistake, if any of the details on your policy are incorrect then your insurance could be cancelled. This includes the address where the vehicle is kept and your current occupation. If you change jobs throughout your policy you must remember to inform your car insurance company as it could affect the premium. Similarly, underestimating your mileage could also have an effect on the premium and could result in invalid insurance.

Wearing the wrong shoes

Many drivers are unaware that wearing footwear deemed to be unsuitable can invalidate a car insurance policy. If you are wearing high heels or flip flops and are involved in an accident, the insurer could refuse to pay out.


Roaming pets can be a distraction, and as such this could also undermine your insurance. Forgetting to strap in your pet or not having them in a cage is a very popular error yet it’s easy to understand how this could be the cause of an accident. Always keep your pet under control when travelling with your furry friend.

A small mistake could leave you out of pocket if you’re involved in a road accident, so make sure you follow the rules.