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4 Reasons to Book a Winter Service

Winter can be a trying time for any vehicle, old or new. The extremely cold and icy weather takes its toll on all parts of the car which means maintenance is more important than ever during the winter. While there are some simply checks motorists can carry out themselves, the best preventative action is a dedicated servicing. Here are reasons to book a winter service.

If you haven’t yet found time to book a winter service, here are four of many reasons why you should. There are more breakdowns in winter than any other time of year – don’t be statistic Image of a MOT check upand make sure your car is prepared for whatever the weather brings.

  1. Stop problems before they occur

Keith Miller, a former AA Patrolman says that up to half of problems caused by the cold can be prevented by regular servicing and maintenance checks. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you stop future issues occurring if you could? Having a professional mechanic service the car will keep it healthy for longer, and they’ll also spot any problems in advance. In the long run, having a service could save you money for costly repairs.

  1. Light check

In the dark months it is essential that you are visible at all times in any weather condition. Your lights are vital for this reason, so if a bulb is out or there is an electrical fault it needs fixing fast. Any service will include a check of all lights on the vehicle.

  1. Brake check

Winter brings many difficult driving conditions, including icy and frosty roads, slush and snow. Your vehicle’s brakes have to be on top form to deal with these dangerous conditions which is why it’s a good idea to get them checked and cleaned (included in a winter service).Image of a car on jacks

  1. Extend vehicle life

The better you look after your car, the longer it will look after you! Getting your vehicle regularly serviced can improve its life span and ensure you can enjoy many years of hassle-free driving. If you get your car serviced once a year, it’s a good idea to do it at winter to make sure it is ready for the tough months ahead.

Not only will a service save you money and keep you safe in your vehicle throughout winter, but it could also maintain its value. Buyers are more interested in cars with a full service history because they know these vehicles are more reliable.

Ready to book a winter service? Just give us a call.