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Looking After Your Car Interior

When you want to keep your car in prime condition, obviously you need to keep the engine healthy and make sure everything is ticking over how it is supposed to. Next up you’ll need to take good care of the vehicle’s exterior, including keeping it clean and the paintwork polished. But to ensure your car keeps its value and stays looking as new as possible, you should also look after the interior of the vehicle.

The body of your car may have to deal with the weather and general wear and tear – but the interior of the car also requires special care and attention. The fabrics have to cope with any number of stains and smells, from pet hair to cigarette smoke. If you have children, then you might also have to experience car sickness on long journeys, along with crushed food and spilt drinks!

Image of a dirty car interiorYou spend the majority of your time with your car inside it – so keep it fresh and comfortable. To ensure your car’s interior looks its best for as long as possible, follow Windmill Garage’s top tips:

  1. Clean and polish the dash

The dashboard covers a wide area and can collect a lot of dust and dirt. Use a damp cloth or antibacterial wipes to clean the dashboard and remove any sticky patches or stubborn dirt. Once dry, use standard house polish and a duster to get it looking spotless. Also take this time to clear out the glove compartment and remove rubbish from the door pockets.

  1. Vacuum the seats

Get rid of crumbs and dirt once and for all by hoovering the whole interior. Start with the floor of the car, removing any mats to get right underneath. Once the floor is clean, move up to the seats to clean the fabric.Image of a clean car

  1. Specialist cleaning and stain removal

Depending on the material your seats are made of, you can go further to make your interior pristine. Certain stains can leave fabric discoloured, but most of the time you can remove these stains. If you have upholstered seats, get a bucket of hot water and a cloth to scrub your seats. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can buy a specialist upholstery cleaner for a deeper clean.

Alternatively, if you have leather seats then you shouldn’t use water to clean them. Buy a leather cleaner and take extra steps to protect your interior.

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