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FREE On The Road Health Check

Introducing our comprehensive “On the Road Healthcheck,” designed to extend beyond standard MOT and service requirements. This service aims to enhance your vehicle’s safety, minimise running costs, and ensure reliability when you need it most.

Tyre Check

πŸ” Inspection Focus: Tread depth, tyre pressure, and overall condition of all tyres (scratches/cuts/bulges), including the spare.

πŸ‘ Benefits: Ensures optimal tyre performance and safety in various driving conditions.

πŸš— Road Reliability: Regular tyre checks help prevent breakdowns and tyre-related accidents, keeping you safer on every journey.

Brake Checks

πŸ” Inspection Focus: Brake pad thickness, disc condition, dust and resiidue build-up, and brake fluid levels.

πŸ‘ Benefits: Maintains high braking performance, prevents costly repairs and risks in changing weather conditions.

πŸš— Road Reliability: Reliable brakes are crucial for safe stopping under all traffic and weather conditions, providing peace of mind.

Wipers, Windscreen, and Washers

πŸ” Inspection Focus: Screen-warmer & Wiper blade efficiency, windscreen cracks or chips, and washer fluid levels.

πŸ‘ Benefits: Improves visibility during adverse weather conditions.

πŸš— Road Reliability: Ensures a clear view of the road ahead, reducing the risk of accidents caused by impaired vision.

Oil Level & Clarity

πŸ” Inspection Focus: Engine oil level and quality, checking for any signs of leaks (even dry ones).

πŸ‘ Benefits: Supports engine efficiency, economy and longevity.

πŸš— Road Reliability: Adequate oil levels and quality are vital to prevent engine damage and ensure smoother vehicle operation.

Vehicle Underside & Chassis

πŸ” Inspection Focus: Condition of the exhaust system, checking for rust or damage or future problems, and inspection of suspension & steering components.

πŸ‘ Benefits: Detects potential issues that could lead to major repairs if unnoticed that fall out of the usual checks.

πŸš— Road Reliability: Regular checks help maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle, ensuring it remains robust and dependable.

General Reliability, Economy, and Safety Checks

πŸ” Inspection Focus: Overall vehicle performance including engine diagnostics, battery health, and alignment checks.

πŸ‘ Benefits: Identifies potential issues early, optimises fuel efficiency, and enhances vehicle performance.

πŸš— Road Reliability: These checks ensure that your vehicle operates at peak efficiency, reducing the likelihood of costly breakdowns and extending the lifespan of your car.