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How Drivers Can Save Money in 2016

Owning and maintaining a car can be very expensive, especially if you don’t know some of the inside hacks to help reduce costs here and there. From the rising price of car insurance to getting the vehicle through its MOT each year, drivers have a lot of expenses. But there are some little tricks to help save you money – here are the best ways for saving cash on driving this year.

Slash your insuranceSaving For A Car

Thanks to price comparison websites, car insurance providers have had to become increasingly competitive over the past few years. Always compare your quote on at least two comparison websites – you’ll be shocked at the differences. Secondly, think about reducing your annual mileage, which could bring the annual premium down, and increasing your excess should also reduce the price. Always shop around!

Get a service

MOTs are compulsory once a year but servicing a vehicle is often down to the owner’s discretion. Without a service being enforced it is often forgotten about – but this is a big mistake. Giving your car a service once a year checks essential parts of the vehicle which isn’t included in an MOT. By checking lights and levels, brake pads and filters, a service can spot small problems before they become bigger ones. This means that getting your car serviced can save you money in the long run.

Fuel Efficiency

Eco driving is not only a safer way to drive, it can also amount to huge savings at the pump. Simple things such as accelerating gently, using the right gears, reading the road and not braking heavily can save fuel, and therefore money. Think about these figures next time you’re behind the wheel:

  • Doing 70mph uses 20%-30% more fuel than doing 50mph. If you’re not in a hurry, slow down.
  • Doing 80mph uses 10-20% more fuel that 70mph. Driving at 80mph also doesn’t save much more time than driving at 70mph, so ask yourself why?
  • Aggressive accelerating and braking can waste up to 60% more fuel than smooth driving.
  • The correct use of gears can save up to 15% on your fuel bill. Change into a higher gear as soon as possible.

Turn off the air-con

You’ve probably not used it yet in 2016, but when summer is here you’ll be tempted. Resist the temptation of air-con and use the blowers instead – air con is such a waste of fuel!

Follow these tips and you should see more cash in your pocket this year.