We’ve seen them in the sci-fi movies of our past, but now it seems like the prospect of self-driving cars is becoming a reality in everyday life. The chance of us witnessing self-driving cars in our lifetime is stronger and more likely than ever before. Yes, it may seem like something far off into the future, but the reality is, self-driving cars are receiving more funding and more encouragement, meaning the industry is driving forwards at a speedy rate.

A new £30m fund, financed by the Government and industry giants will help to accelerate the self-driving car industry, with many experts estimated the first self-driving cars could be driving British roads by 2021.  If that seems scarily close – we agree – it is! In as little as two year, we could all be seeing the British roads change drastically.

This new £30m fund will take particular focus on parking, with manoeuvres like ‘the parallel park’ becoming a thing of the past. In fact, up to £5m of the total fund could be spent on automating this tricky manoeuvre. We’re sure many people will be glad to hear that, as even for many experienced drivers, parallel parking is still a tough driving trick to perfect.

But how will self-driving cars affect ordinary people?

The Daily Mail has reported that:

“Officials now estimate the driverless car industry will be worth £28bn to the economy by 2035 and support as many as 27,000 jobs,”

This seems like an amazing statistic, and it’s certainly encouraging to hear that many jobs could be created through the introduction of self-driving cars.

But you have to wonder how many jobs this technological advancement could take away?

Many taxi drivers and deliver drivers across the UK may be wondering how secure their job is, and it’s a valid concern. If the self-driving cars equate to the same salary as the drivers (or even close-to) it make make much more sense for companies to make the switch from human drivers, to self-driving cars.

But it seems this worry and concern for people with driving-focussed jobs isn’t enough to slow down the technology progression…

In fact, the keen competition between different countries is spurring scientists, engineers and motoring companies to work quicker and harder…. They all want to make the UK the first country to have driverless cars on the roads. Chancellor Philip Hammond set the 2021 target for full autonomous operation in his autumn statement last year.

Are Self-driving Cars the Future?